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Melancholia, Giclée , signed limited edition

95 EUR / In stock.
This glicee print is a signed limited edition print of the pencil drawing Melancholia (2015). It is printed as a limited edition  giclee of 50 on 310 grams german etching paper. The printed size is 37 x 55 cm and the total paper size is 47 x 65 cm.

If you have any questions please send an email to: studioruz@me.com

Daan Noppen is an international artist mainly working in drawing and photography. He is best known for his realistic larger than life drawings of portraits and bodies. Physics and it’s relation to our being, our emotions, plays a big part in his work. The artist plays with notions of reality by projecting time as a physical dimension. Rather than becoming something ‘scientific’ this opens up a visual world of our hidden layers of our desires, our pain and our cry for being loved.

'Amsterdam based artist Daan Noppen brings a special dynamism to his pencil drawings of still life and portraits. His works are not only eye-catching for their precise layering of details, but also in their massive size that gives his subjects a more palpable presence. A closer look at each piece reveals mathematical equations in between the pencil lines that relate to our reality. More recent works express the artist’s continued fascination with mathematics, geometry, and physics, as his figures appear to be gauged, dissipate, and intermingle in a void of empty vector space'.
Hi-fructose magazine march 2016

Daan Noppen's work has been exhibited in New York(USA), Mexico DF(Mexico), Shanghai(China), Metz(France), Luxembourg(Luxembourg), Belgium, The Netherlands. The artists Symmetry I&II drawing recently won an A’design Award 2016 in the category Arts, craft and ready made.